January's Top Income Ideas

January's Top Income Ideas

Five Of My Favorite "Dividend Champions"
By investing in these "Dividend Champions" at the right time, you can get quick gains and lock in a higher yield than other investors. 

This Scares Me More Than The Fiscal Cliff Ever Did
While politicians and investors alike were losing sleep worrying over the fiscal cliff, it never scared me much. But something else nobody is talking about is much scarier to me...

"Tax-Free Dividends" or 9 Years of Dividends in One Day? [sponsor]

Which type of dividend would you rather have? Or what about an 85% dividend yield from a stock yielding 3%. The good news is, you don't have to choose just one. You could start getting all three types -- even as early as next month. All thanks to a little-known phenomenon called the "Dividend Vault." Click here for more.

Corporate America's $1.7 Trillion "Problem" Could Lead To Huge Dividend Yields
It's time to take advantage of corporate America's $1.7 trillion "problem." This "problem" could actually lead to massive dividend increases, and an overall once-in-a-lifetime investing opportunity.

How To Generate Instant Income In The "Dividend Decade"
With some predicting that all of the market's gains in the next 10 years will come from dividends, investors absolutely must know about this little-known way for investors to generate income from the best companies in the world...

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